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Hello and Welcome to Wintry Mountain Pack. ~ WMP Council
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To Do List
Moon's RP School Icon_minitimeTue Jan 17, 2012 4:29 am by Moon
This is the to do list in order to clean out the site.

1. Delete Locked Topics
2. Make a New Banner ~Vapor
3. Reorganize the Topics
4. Map of the Territory

If you have more, post 'em

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New Front Post for WQ
Moon's RP School Icon_minitimeMon Dec 05, 2011 7:55 am by Moon
ωιηтяy мσυηтαιη ραcк

cσρyяιgнт ησтιcε ~ The pack ideas as well as theme, belongs to Bella1998, Metalshadow, Kimchiz, and Fire Pelt! If any of us see our ideas being used, we will not hesitate to report you!

Hello there!
..................Welcome to Wintry Mountain Pack!!!! - I see you are looking at the forum. Well …

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Wintry News
Moon's RP School Icon_minitimeSat Aug 20, 2011 4:13 am by Frozone
The pack has finally been created in August 20th 2011!

Guests: Join our pack at our
WolfQuest Topic !

New Members: You are
welcomed to join the site as
soon as you join on the pack topic. A member of WMP Council will happily activate your account.

Ordinary Members: Welcome back! Enjoy your time in our territory.

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PostSubject: Moon's RP School   Moon's RP School Icon_minitimeWed Jan 18, 2012 12:57 pm

Okay, I'm going to get you to go from this:

Quote :
Moon Walked out of the den, and sat down. She looked up at her mate Damieon and smiled.

TO this:

Quote :
Moon padded out of the den, sniffing the air, and listening for anything that seemed strange. Finding nothing, She looked around, using her teal hued eyes to scan the terrain, and still seeing nothing, reclined on a slime covered rock, the color of moss, letting a sigh escape her maw. She looked back into the dome like cave, that served as the pack's den, and watched as a sandy tinted male walked toward her, his name, Damieon. She felt the corners of her mouth pull up at the mere sight of her friend, and mate.

So, Some Rules:

1. Be respectful, this is a privileged, not a right.
2, Listen to your teacher, their here to help
3. Feel free to ask questions if you don't know something.
4. Have Fun!

RolePlay Location
We will be RPing in a Valley, full of prey, and predators alike.

Moon's RP School 1256103104AyBBgiu

These are the symbols you will see by the Student's name, showing they have completed a current skill. For a better understanding of these symbols, I have provided a brief explanation next to each key symbol for you.

- Doing well: When you see the green check mark next to your name, followed by a goal symbol, it means you are doing a good job with that particular goal. Keep it up and hopefully soon you will complete it!

- Needs more work: The red 'x' next to your name, followed by a goal symbol, indicates that you will need to do more practice on this goal. You will probably want to focus more of your attention on the goals with this red x next to so you can improve on them. Don't be intimidated by the red 'x', it just shows you need more work, and not necessarily that you are doing poorly on the task(s) it appears next to.

- Not started: If you see an orange square next to your name, followed by a goal symbol, it simply means that goal hasn't started yet, therefore you won't need to worry about it just yet. The square will be replaced with either the green check mark or the red 'x' once your capability with the goal has been determined.

- Completed: When the yellow stars appears next to your name, and a symbol for the goal, feel free to jump up and dance around! This means you have finished this goal, and will need no further work with it during your time here.

% - Percentage of progress: For example, if you see ABC 70%, that means you have completed 70% of your spelling training. So, that's basically it.
Current Goals and Their Symbols
*Note: more goals may be added, depending on what you want to learn.

* -Grammar: Try to stick to the rules of grammar as strictly as you can. For example, always remember to start a new paragraph when needed, but also remember not to do this too often or not often enough. Creating a new paragraph too often makes everything look choppy, while not creating paragraphs often enough will make it look jumbled.

ABC -Spelling: While spelling isn't the most important thing, try to have at least a standard way of spelling words, and don't make too many mistakes.. It is understandable to sometimes mix words up (like to and too), and also to get a long word spelled wrong (like Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, ha!). But for the most part, try your best to spell mostly everything correctly, and use a spell check if you're having trouble!

~ -Post Length: While it isn't that big a deal how long you post in this site, it does help if your make your post at least a few sentences. In my opinion, having a beefy post allows for more detail. So you will be watched for this as well.

If you wish to become a student, PM me this:

UserName: (On here)
What you want to learn:
Example of your RP skills: (Just a random post from a RP, on here, or from somewhere else)

Students Currently Learning:


Idea from the African Stars Pack. (C)

Those who think they are the rulers, are only posers. Believe in who you are, and never forget where you come from. Love yourself, and everyone who isn't a poser. ~Moon

Yea, that's right, I have my own quote, thanks for the Avvie, Allanie, it's Epical!!

Avatar (c) Allanie
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